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On Wednesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Charly Boy advocates constant staging of cultural carnivals across the country  in order to boost preservation of  the nation’s rich cultural heritage Saying;

“Our diverse and rich cultural heritage and values must be kept alive for the next generation, and cultural carnival is one of the best platforms to achieve this. There seems to be no transfer of culture and values from one generation to the other because of modernisation. If nothing is urgently done about it, we may soon lose our identity as Nigerians and Africans.”

“It is an art and culture festival aimed at resuscitating Igbo cultural heritage. I hope it will become what everyone within and outside Nigeria, especially Nigerians in Diaspora, will look forward to every year, like the Calabar and other carnivals,” he said.

According to him, one of the major objectives of the carnival is to ensure that the younger generation of Nigerians speak their mother tongue.

“We are using this carnival to get attention of the younger generation for them to know that there is something in their culture and language. You cannot transfer culture effectively without the native language, because the language of a people defines who they are,” he noted.

The “Areafada” as he is popularly called by young people, noted that Western civilization has alienated the younger generation of Nigerians from their cultural values.

Charly Boy noted that it was his passion to preserve these cultural values, especially in the South-East, that made him to initiate the annual culture –oriented carnival tagged: Njiko Carnival at Oguta, Imo, which features songs, drama and poetry in local dialects, golf competition and talent hunt show.

He urges government agencies, corporate bodies, NGOs and individuals to identify with the carnival.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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