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Alex and Miracle have maintained a strong bond since their exit from the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Reality show and they  have been quite public about their friendship.

alex and miracle

It is a norm to see social media posts of them together.

So it was no surprise when Alex took to her Instagram to celebrate Miracle, whose birthday fell just a day before Miracle’s.

She wrote about how good Miracle has been as a friend and his support for her.

See post below:

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You know, I’ve been trying to think for a while now, trying to find the words to use but I guess you are too special for words. Miraaa, you are the most straightforward friend I have, very complicated yet extremely simple. Friends see my smile but very few see what’s beyond my smile and you not only see beyond but understand all my smiles. Miraaa, thanks for understanding my silence, thanks for always telling me the truth and scolding me when necessary. Thanks for always finding time for me amidst your tight schedule. When I left you at the airport, I felt like I was going to break down but you still always come through for me. When I’m sad, there are 3 people I call but one main person always switches to video call if he ever finds out I’m crying or about to, he gives me time to cry,then yabs hell out of me and makes sure I’m laughing uncontrollably before hanging up. That one person is you. I always value moments when you shop for me, send me items to pick and yab me ontop 🤣. Dimkpa, green shrek with many other silly names you call me and I can’t help but value them. I love how you prefer me wearing colored hair and no makeup. A lot might misunderstand you but trust me to always have your back and defend you when necessary. Thanks for sincerely being happy for me when good things happen. Thanks for knowing me so well and listening to me even when you really want to tell me to shut up. If I type from now till tomorrow, I can never type what you are worth. I’ll always call you to give you gist about what’s said about you even though you never want to know 🤣🤣🤣. I’ll keep being your gist supplier 🤣🤣 whenever I hear anything 🤣🤣. Thanks for wanting the best for me. Thanks for seeing my heart and for trusting me. Thanks for staying even when people tried to paint bad pictures of me. Anyways the key you picked in the last payport game is part of my key holder and that’s because you are good luck. May the good lord bless you. Funny enough, my second birthday wish is that you pass all your exams. I pray God always leads you. May you never lack good friends. You are irreplaceable. Happy birthday @miracleikechukwu I love you 😒😒🤣🤣

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