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Entrepreneur Of The Week: Check Out Four Teenagers Challenging The Status Quo

Chidindu OkpalekeRaqueem KukoyiShalom EmekaMoyo Atteh

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So while many children are out there feeding from their parents’ hands to their own mouth, these ones have decided to stand out.

Moyo Atteh, Shalom Emeka, Chidindu Okpaleke and Raqueem Kukoyi are the brains behind the ‘Hostile Takeover’ and they are not here to play.

The 15-year-old secondary school students are out to preach just one anthem, which is to ‘Buy Made In NIgeria Brands.’

Speaking during a visit to Accelerate TV‘s Office in VI, the students opened up on their project, the Hostile Takeover, which seeks to dissuade their peers from buying foreign brands and embrace Nigerian brands instead.

Moyo Atteh

According to Moyo Atteh, this idea only sprang up a few months ago and it is coming to fruition on the 4th of September.

“Most of us in this generation are really lazy. We must snap out of it. We have so much untapped potential. Get up and do something. We believe in making money, but we must do something worth it.”

Moyo says: “So my friends and I noticed that a lot of our mates, Nigerian kids aged between the ages of 14 and 15 wear a lot of Skateboard brands – Thrasher, Brands, Primitive, Huff, etc. So we thought, why not do something that is similar to a Skateboard brand? Obviously, we don’t skate board, so we decided to make clothes that are similar to that area. We figured since we know what our peers want, then let’s give it to them, but in Nigeria.”

He heralded the need to teach students about the value in the Nigerian brand, noting that his school helped him and his peers make the decision to carry out the Hostile Takeover.

“I will like to give our school credit for this one, because in our school, they always try to teach us morals and how to be independent of our parents. They also encourage us to promote the image of our country,” he said.

Shalom Emeka

Shalom is more eager to bring home the money, as she is tired of her mates traveling abroad for products they can get in Nigeria.

“Since we usually have to travel abroad to buy those brands, and they are quite expensive to get outside the country, we decided to make something more indigenous, so that we don’t have to go to other countries to buy them. We decided to make them more accessible to people around us. What these brands sell is their name, not really about the outfit itself. So we are making ours cheaper, so that people can get more familiar with the brand and with time, they will know our name too,” she said.

Shalom is doing this because she wants to encourage her peers, noting that “we can’t think of ourselves alone.”

Chidindu was direct. He just wants to start now, to make something of his life.

Chidindu Okpaleke

He said: “I decided to do this because I want to be able to make money, even at this age. Everybody is doing something, investing and all, but many people finally became successful at their adulthood. But I don’t see age as a limitation. Even if I don’t make it now, at least I have been able to learn, so I stand a chance in future.”

While for Raqueem, he wants to use his creativity to produce something useful and make an impact.

Despite the challenges of pricing and unsettling opinions of his peers, while starting out, he believes that “You can be anything you want to be, if you just put your mind to it.”

Raqueem Kukoyi

Meanwhile, they charge their generation to snap out of it, noting that: “Most of us in this generation are really lazy. We must snap out of it. We have so much untapped potential. Get up and do something. We believe in making money, but we must do something worth it.”

Join the Hostile Takeover in Alausa Gardens on the 4th of September, 2017 and tap into these potentials.

Check out their designs in the slides above.

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