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Wow! Check Out Technologically Advanced ‘Sango’ In New Short Film

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The Nigerian Animation Studio is out with a deeper level of technology for filmmaking, as it records tremendous success with its globally appealing short film utilizing Motion Capture technology on a $400 production budget.

Komotion Studios a Lagos based VFX/Animation Studio released its pilot project, titled “Dawn of Thunder”, a 3d animated epic short film on Saturday 26th August, 2017 and it has gathered over 50,000 views collectively on various online platforms, blogs and social media handles.

The most interesting thing is even though it’s in Yoruba language, the international audience found it quite exciting with a high understanding of the story and shared it widely. At the moment, some of the highest engagement is from the non-Africans.

The short film was created as a proof of concept for a web series and/or feature length movie.

Sango is a popular god of thunder from Oyo State in Nigeria with his signature thunderbolt axe that causes lightning and disruption when used by him.

Komotion Studios explored his childhood a bit, from where it all started, the questions he asked, the answers he was given, the visions about his future encounters and ultimately how these experiences will shape his future.

Having heard and known all this, what will his approach be towards events as they unfold?

The series/and or feature length movie will look at his life from birth to his mysterious disappearance. Komotion Studios also plans to explore the functionality of the civilization that existed during Sango’s time, bringing out key lessons about preservation of nature, healthy living, natural and herbal medicine, dangers of deforestation, preservation of water bodies and wildlife in the most creative way. The goal is to educate and align with the sustainable development goals while also entertaining an audience.

Africa is beautiful, Africa is Bold, Africa is powerful, Africa has a voice and Africa has a lot to say. They believe it’s time for the world to listen attentively.

They want to show the world what it has been missing. They want to give the world a taste of the true Africa, unfiltered, unadulterated. They want to share our history, our stories, our legacy.

They are on a mission to tell our African stories the way they ought to be told, to give them the treatment they truly deserve, and to give the world something fresh, rejuvenating and entertaining.

Kolawole Olarewaju, Founder of Komotion Studios is passionate about telling African stories in the most authentic way utilizing 3D animation. Against all odds, and in a time when most startups are facing infrastructural and financial challenges, he forged ahead to share his idea with six equally passionate minds who came on board and made it happen.

Kolawole supported a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 which was how he got the first motion capture suit for the project. A benefactor who believed in the project provided the second suit, the team took advantage of free trials of key software needed and every other thing required was gotten for free. Komotion Studios spent only $400 on this project and in two months it was released.

Komotion Studios is seeking funding to turn Dawn of Thunder into a feature length movie and web series marketable internationally.

Slide through the gallery above for the motion picture recording (behind-the-scenes)

Watch the short film belowTo watch the full short film, visit www.komotionstudios.com or social media handles or just watch it below:




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