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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Ghanaian clothing brand, Lakopué has released its maiden independent collection called The Atelier by Lakopué. This new collection features professional designs tailored for individuals determined to make a difference.

The upcoming brand which has already worked with giant Ghanaian brands such as Woodin, GTP, TV3 and much more, is striving to become one of the biggest design labels from Africa with a combination of themes, ideas and the diverse cultures from all over the world embedded in each piece.

The Atelier collection reveals the idea of every profession as an art which requires an artist and his/her personal workspace to generate the most out of their occupation.

The Atelier by Lakopué adds style to that creative space of every professional. The collection is created from a place of detailed artistry and reminds everyone of how greatly their creativity changes the world.

The collection is a 16-piece collection which features themes from pilot and cabin crew uniforms, construction and engineering working gears, hotel uniforms and general corporate wears, presented in haute couture.

See the full collection in the slides above.

Photography: Ansah Ken | @ansahkenphotography
Styling: Julia Karikari | @ms_juliyahpersonalshopper
Makeup: Zulka Nainy | @makeupby_zulky
Location: The shop Accra | @theshopaccra
Models: Tiny Fanta | @napari_isha, Martha Kuulabio |@kuulabio, Meek Ghartey | @meek_ghartey, Prince Tona | @prince_tona, Ascension | @ascension_bc

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