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Childish Gambino or Donald Glover (if you’re a millennial) just broke some parts of the internet with his powerful video and song This is America. Directed by Hiro Murai, this is Childish Gambino’s first new music since his 2016 Grammy-nominated Awaken, My Love and it has got pop culture talking.

This Is America is speculated to be the first single from Gambino’s upcoming, and supposedly last album. As I am typing this, the video already has 14 million views on YouTube. Talk about going viral!

Here are the 3 things it could mean

Video of the year?

The four-minute video starts out with Gambino just being his carefree, shirt-less self before things take a left turn when he shoots a guy in the head. The symbolism in the video runs deep. There is a choir scene representing Charleston church shooting where Gambino shoots the choir and then shoots right by a police car with no repercussion.

Gambino is a man with a message, the message of gun violence and racial disparity and that is visually represented in the video. Side Note: On the 1:35-1:38 mark, there’s actually a popular African dance step, the Gwara Gwara.

Next Kanye?

‘I want the old Kanye’, said Kanye…and well, most people. Since Kanye has come back on twitter to announce a couple of album releases and going on record to say slavery is a choice, the black community has more or less cancelled Kanye. With great power comes great responsibility and most people want Kanye to speak out for them on race issues but Kanye has failed to do this. Gambino’s new video however is tackling these issues in a way old Kanye would do.

America is dancing through the problems?

Amidst the chaos and violence he portrays in the video, he is still throwing wild dance steps  and having a blast, even the choir he seemingly assassinated were chanting “Get your money”. Could this mean that while these social problems are prevalent, the entire nation is turning a blind eye to it while focusing on vanities and lifestyle?
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Could be.

Are there more things the video could mean? Watch and tell us in the comments please.

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