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By Uche Sokei

A 26-year-old Chinese stuntman Wu Yonging, a popular stuntman, who is notoriously popular for climbing skyscrapers without any safety equipment and taking jaw – dropping selfies died just over a month ago, after one of the stunts he was trying to pull-off went horribly wrong and he plunged 62 stories as a result.

The video of the attempt wasn’t made public till this week.

The disaster occurred in the Chinese city of Changsha, and was reportedly attempted because of Wu’s desire to win a prize money worth the equivalent of $15,000.

According to his step-uncle, Wu had intended to use those winnings to pay for a wedding for himself and his girlfriend, in addition to paying for treatment for his ailing mother.

However the sponsor (and nature of) that competition is not clear at this time.

The imprudent stunt was a result of “rooftopping,” the climbing of tall buildings without protection, which has become increasingly (and inexplicably) popular in recent years.

Wu had gained thousands of followers on the Chinese social media site “Weibo” for his stunts, though he advised viewers not to imitate them. He also reportedly caused a panic among his followers when he stopped posting in November, though they now have confirmation as to why that abruptly ended.

So sad to lose a young life who still had so much to offer, so please STAY SAFE THIS SEASON.

Watch video below:

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