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cholesterol reducing foodHave you heard of cholesterol reducing foods- foods that are supposed to actually reduce your cholesterol? There’s always been an unnecessary debate on whether these foods really exist or are just a mere saying. Well, newsflash- they totally do! Here are 4 cholesterol reducing foods:

Beans: Beans have significant amounts of both fiber and soluble fiber (yeah, there’s a difference). In other words, they have very low carbohydrate and fat levels. Beans take a while to digest in the body which is good for people trying to loose some weight. You stay filled up all day long.

Apples, Grapes, Strawberries: These fruits are very rich in fiber. Do you want to shed that weight? These fruits will never do you wrong.

Vegetables: You can never go wrong with vegetables. They have high water retention and very low cholesterol levels. They are also very rich in nutrients.

Oats: A bowl of oats gives you about 2-3 grams of water soluble fiber. Oats also contain beta-glucan which helps reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body.


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Written by Efe Ohworakpo


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