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Chris Brown’s child support issues are nowhere near over as more trouble seems to be brewing with the mother of his child Nia Guzman.

chris brown

Sources state that Nia claims their 4-year-old daughter, Royalty lives lavishly when she stays with Chris Brown but notices that her life is different when she is with her mom at their apartment… which feels different from Breezy’s mansion.

Nia Also claims that Royalty once stole $300 from her grandmother’s purse and handed it to her mum saying she wanted her mother to buy a new house.

The claim suggests that Nia may have impressed upon little Royalty that her living conditions are not as great, and the child instinctively tries to help out her mother.

With these claims, Nia Guzman feels that she is entitled to far more money than the $2000 monthly spending allowance she gets from Chris Brown.

Makes you wonder if Chris wishes he stayed in Lil Dicky’s body. How much do you think Nia should get?

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