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Meet 23 years old Nigerian tech whiz, Chris Kwekowe who proudly rejected a job offer as a software engineer from Microsoft. When Chris met with Bill Gates at a forum for Africa’s brightest young entrepreneurs, Chris Kwekowe proudly told the boss of Microsoft why he turned down the job offer from his prestigious company.


Chris Kwekowe graduated with a 3.5 CGPA from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria with a degree in Computer Science. Along with his 20 years old brother Emerald, they started Slatecube in October 2014 with the sole aim to increase job access for youth through creating a platform on which they can build job-relevant skills and linking them with virtual internship opportunities that enable them to develop experience. His vision for the venture is to see it grow into a wide-scale provider of relevant job market access, with increasing ability to open doors for job seekers.


Chris Kwekowe recently won the 2015 Anzisha Prize, a Pan-African award given to the continent’s best young entrepreneur. The prize came with a $25,000 check. “I did not believe that I could have won the prize when the competition started. But I feel confident in what I can achieve now given the capital and training that I have received through the Anzisha Prize. I congratulate all the other finalists as I believe they were all very impressive and look forward to engaging them as we support each other to grow going forward,” says Chris.


He is now in talks with Google and Microsoft in regards to using his platform for empowerment programs and job opportunities. Slatecube is expecting to open offices in Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa come 2017. Chris Kwekowe says he’s in talks with a major Nigerian venture capital firm about the possibility of a significant investment. When asked what motivates and drives him and where his tenacious spirit to compete in the business space comes from, Chris said, “If you can do business in Lagos, you can do business anywhere in the world. The struggle is real here.”

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