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Chrissy Teigen tried so damn hard not to use foul language while talking about Trump and she almost made it … almost. TMZ got the supermodel/TV personality mom out  on Tuesday in L.A. with her kids, Luna and Miles, when their camera guy asked some solid questions about her expletive-laced weekend feud with the President.

chrissy teigen

You’ll recall, Trump called out Chrissy (not by name) as John Legend’s “filthy mouthed wife” … to which she fired back, calling him a “p***y ass bitch.”

So, the question … will she double down on the “filth?” Chrissy was determined not to use profanities in front of her kids, and you could feel her struggling for restraint as she jawboned with the camera guy.  Apparently, she made it all the way to her car, when she just couldn’t hold back anymore.

Another good question is, how are Chrissy and John super close to Kim and Kanye, when both of whom interact with Trump and may even have an influence over him on prison reform.

By: Dammy Eneli

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