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After a recent ruling that Future‘s disparaging tweets toward Ciara didn’t actually damage the singer’s career, Ciara has now dropped her libel suit against her ex.


TMZ reports that because the suit  would require to offer hard proof that Future’s comments directly affected her income in a negative way, she’s dropping the claim because there simply is no evidence of that.

TMZ also reports that another reason that Ciara dropped the libel claim because she’s making plenty of Mula right now ( For you people that don’t know ‘Mula’ is OWO aka money).

Their courtroom battle isn’t over, though. Cici is still suing Future for “false light,” meaning he has portrayed her as someone she’s not. You don’t need proof of financial loss to win that, so the fight continues. Ghen Ghen !

I keep asking myself when will all this court room drama between Ciara and her Baby Daddy Future end.