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Many people place higher priority on brushing their teeth and keeping them white and clean than their tongue. Mostly because the teeth say more about the appearance of the person, but do you know your tongue has greater impact on your health than your teeth?

clean tongue

Leaving the tongue unclean leaves you at risk of mouth disease. Brushing your teeth is therefore, as important as flossing your tongue. This is because bacteria are oftentimes lurking around the tongue and the only way you can get rid of them is to brush with more attention on the tongue. Here are major reasons why your tongue should be cleaned daily.

Bad breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis and it is one of the biggest consequences of not cleaning your tongue. When you don’t clean your tongue, the bacteria builds a house on it, lives there and if it stays longer than usual, it will give off a foul smell. If you have bad breath, you will discover that no one wants to talk to you.

Gum disease

When some people brush, their gum bleeds profusely. You would think they got punched or something. No, it is because they don’t brush their tongue. It is called Gingivitis and it makes your gum red, swollen, and quick to bleed.

black tongue

Black Hairy Tongue

This is like the most advanced stage of a very dirty and unclean tongue. This occurs when the papillae (the small, nipple-like structures on the upper surface of the tongue that give the tongue its characteristic rough texture) is replete with leftover food and drinks {coffee}. The tongue becomes very dark if you don’t clean it. This is harmless, and it disappears after brushing the tongue. Regardless, you don’t want to be displaying a dark tongue to friends.

Tooth loss

Since your gum is weak and susceptible to bacteria attack because you don’t brush your tongue, it may affect your tooth. You may slowly begin to lose it one after the other. To halt this, try as much as possible to regularly clean your tongue.

Dull taste buds

You will lose your sense of taste due to bacteria, dead skin and other food residues covering your tongue. As a result, your sense of taste will not sharp. Accordingly, when you take something sweet and you don’t feel the taste on your tongue, it may be due to not brushing your tongue.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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