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We all know the struggle and frustration that come with cleaning specific parts of your car, and fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a list of cleaning hacks that your mechanic wouldn’t tell you about:

Remember to clean vents


Your car may be completely clean on the inside, but still smell horrible. What can be causing this problem? Well, it may be your air filters need cleaning. If your air filters are not clean, your car will be getting all the smells of the city, or worse – mold. If there is mold in your filters you may be at risk of developing respiratory diseases. So make sure your filters are clean.

Q-tip detailing


If you really want that on point finish and clean for your car, use a Q-Tip. Q-tips are amazing because they can fit anywhere and everywhere – from cup holders to car logos. Because of their cotton ends they are really able to clean up any excess cleaning product left over. And the best part – they come in packs of 1,000, so you do not need to worry if you use one or 20.


Toothbrush detail

toothbrush detail

If you want to detail your car you don’t necessarily need all of those fancy tools and and kits. All you truly need is a toothbrush and a bit of soap mixed with elbow grease. The bristles in the toothbrush will dig down deep into crevices and get that dirt out. That is exactly what happens whenever you brush your teeth, so you know that this brush will be able to do the job.

Emergency glass nail polish

Nail polish

No matter who you are, man or woman, you should keep a bottle of clear nail polish inside of your car. This is because if a tiny pebble jumps up at you on the highway as you’re going 75 miles per hour, you will get a crack, a tiny crack which can grow and shatter the windshield on you. Put on this nail polish and the crack won’t grow, and you’ll be able to safely get to a garage.

Toothpaste for your headlights


If your headlights are so cloudy that it looks like you’re trying to flash beams in a heavy fog on a super clear night, you may need to get over to a body shop and drop nearly $1,000 on new headlights. OR you can take a toothpaste (especially a whitening toothpaste), and clean your headlights yourself. Just put the toothpaste on the lense, scrub, rinse it off, and dry.


Vaseline shine

Vaseline is great for moisturizing a whole bunch of different things, but it can also help your car’s interior out a ton. If you have a vinyl or leather interior, put a dab of vaseline on a cloth and rub the cloth all over the car in order to prevent the leather from cracking. You can also rub it on the rubber door seals to keep them from freezing over in winter.

By: Dammy Eneli

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