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The best and ultimate response to a breakup is for you to move on no matter how unbearable it is. Like they say, time heals all wounds. However, for some people, the ‘ex’ factor never disappears because they are not over them even though they say they have moved on. If you do not know whether you are over him or not, we discuss some signs you should look out for.

ex relationship

Everything reminds you of him

When you listen to your favourite song, drive past the cinema you watched movies together or walk past her home, you either burst into tears or feel moody and sad. You still react like this after several months of breaking up, you are definitely not over him.

You have no interest in other guys

There are guys queuing up to date you. However, you rejected them all. It is either you keep comparing them to your love interest or you are waiting for them to return. Meanwhile, they have already moved on.

You stalk him on social media

You go from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat just to stalk him, it is an obvious sign. In fact, when you see a flirty message he exchanged with another girl, you get angry and lash out at him. You rant about how they broke your heart and you go on and on and on. You are just frustrating yourself. They do not care.

You can’t ditch relationship souvenirs

The hat he bought for you at the beach, the bags and shoes he paid for when you went shopping and the necklace he gave you at his own discretion are still with you. You refuse to get rid of them even they remind you of him. Worse off, you still have his pictures on your phone.

Seeing him sends shivers down your spine

Whenever you see him, all your old feelings return that you wished you didn’t break up. In fact, you cannot hide the fact that you are not over him yet. If you serious and want to get over him, you should avoid him.

You talk about him all the time

All your discussion is about him especially when you are with your friends.

You are still having  sex with your ex

There are no strings but you are still sleeping with him. The fact is you just want to be close to him.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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