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When a girl is not interested in you, she is simply not. Ridiculously, she won’t say no to any invitation to watch movies at the cinema nor will she reject your gifts.

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She will gladly accept them all. With all these your efforts, when you ask her to be your girlfriend, she will say NO and that you can only be friends. If you don’t realize this soon enough and move on, it will get to a point where her body language will tell you that she is tired and frustrated. Don’t allow it get to this point. Look for these signs to decide whether you should stop chasing a girl or not.

She is always busy

A woman who is interested in you will eke time off her busy schedule so that both of you can meet up. Although it may be true that she is very busy, in this case, you have to keep asking her out. But when the busy seems like she is avoiding you, she is definitely not interested. You should walk away before you become obsessed with her.

She only accepts to go out when you take her shopping

You have been asking her out for more than 3 weeks and you have not gotten any response. She is still thinking about your proposal. But, you call her out of the blues that you want to take her shopping. She immediately says yes. That is a red flag. You can allow this first one slide but when the same keeps recurring, delete her number from your phone.

She feels irritated when you are around

This is a very obvious sign because you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that she is not into you. She is not excited, she is always in a hurry and she seems irritated and angry when you are around. She doesn’t even smile at you. My brother, just leave her. But some guys will ignore this sign and press further.

She cancels a date at the last minute

You are excited that she finally accepts to go on a date with. You dressed to the nines and suddenly you receive a call and she apologizes that she can’t go for the date. There may be nothing wrong with this. But the problem here is if she doesn’t suggest that you reschedule the date to another date.

She takes forever to read your instant messages

What is the big deal in replying messages on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and BlackBerry Messenger? Even if a lady has hundreds of messages to reply, if she is interested in you, she will reply your message immediately or a bit later. However, when she replies your message after a day or two, she doesn’t consider you important.

She keeps you interested up to a point

Girls are very smart. She knows from the very beginning that she is not likely to date you but she acts as if she likes you. You have even concluded that she is now your girlfriend. Suddenly, her attitude towards you changes. She doesn’t pick your call. This means that she has found someone she really likes. And if you don’t back off, you will become a spare tire.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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