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Instagram, Facebook and other social networks that require pictures mean that many of us take selfies. Some are so addicted to selfies that almost every second, their cameras are clicking. The pictures are good. However, if you want to take the perfect selfies, here are some tips to pull this off:


— Make sure you have enough lighting

Lighting is very important when taking selfies. That is why you have your flash. You would have observed that if you are in a dark place, you flash will work and vice versa. This is just to show you the importance of light. Essentially, the best selfies are usually taken with low light. But this does not mean it should shut out the light because you want a dim light.

— Remove your phone cover

Before you snap a selfie, ensure your lens is uncovered. That is if you are using a phone cover. The best option is to remove the phone cover.

— Find your signature pose

We all have a pose that works for us. So, since you are addicted to selfie, you should find your signature pose and always stick to it whenever you take a selfie. You will always look good. However, you should add variety while retaining your signature pose.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman selfie in the park with a smartphone doing v sign

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