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Believe it or not, at some point in your life, you have a bunch of clothes that you probably cant remember when last you wore it. You will have the urge to keep them because you can’t imagine parting with that shirt or trouser you so love (one you have a history with). Don’t be a clutter and a selfish being, get rid of those clothes that you don’t want or need anymore. Here’s how

old clothes
Donate them

There are a lot of people who need those clothes that you feel have no place in your closet anymore. Find a charity organization or preferably a church if you don’t know any charity organization and drop off those extra clothing. Keep in mind that you should not give out what you may never ever wear. So, if the clothes are too worn out, toss them out instead.

Exchange them

Sometimes you may not have excess but you need a change in wardrobe options. If you don’t have the money for a complete makeover, exchange is the next best thing. There are website that can help you find someone who no longer wants their clothes and if you don’t mind, you can exchange with them. This will be easier with someone that you know because there may be health concerns.

old clothes3

Sell them to a second hand store

If your clothes are not too old, you can get a little bit of money for it. Go to that ‘okrika’ store near you and they just might take a few off your hands. If you don’t mind, you could even get a good exchange for some others.

old clothes2

Upcycle them

If your clothes are too tattered that you cannot donate or sell them, you can find an alternative use for it. This might involve you for example tearing up an old shirt and using it as a rag, for your kitchen or car etc. Research adequately and you will find a lot of upcycling ideas.

The very last resort should always be throwing it away. Remember that what you don’t need or want will be much appreciated by someone else. This should only come into the picture when there is absolutely nothing else to do with those clothes.

Written by Judith Achinedu

Image source: huffingtonpost.com, blog.1800gotjunk.com, thefashionables.com

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