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By Oluwaseun Ashiru

It is the festive season again and who would we be if we cannot help you to turn up to the fullest? We’ve got your back. Check out the list below:


QUILOX – Africa’s biggest club and a number one stop for the ballers and players. You’ll be sure to catch the celebrities at their Ultra Pool Party.

Velvet: it’s a popular hangout for the IJGB‘s (I just Got Back), who are looking to catch some cool fun.

Escape: notoriously popular for its extremely wild nights, awesome ambience and celebrity cameos.

Club 57:  holding the oldest nightclub address on the island, Club 57 has kept the tradition of old, hosting glamorous and exquisite nights.

Shopping Experience: It’s the place to be if you into fashion and standing out with your clothing and accessories.

Honourable mention

Access Party: LET’S NOT FORGET THE ALL EXCLUSIVE ACCESS BANK END OF THE YEAR PARTY! Although its mid month, and before most of the other shows, we are all holding our breaths for this one because its all hush hush and we can’t wait to see the big boys of Access Bank. Our stage is about to explode.

As you all know who is who in Lagos will be present in more than 2 of these shows. I wouldn’t want to miss them if I were you.

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