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Written By Damilola Faustino

When it comes to interviews, you will never be told if you have performed well enough to be offered the job or not. They will simply tell you: ‘we will get back to you’ and sometimes, they do, other times, they don’t. In order not to keel over with anxiety, here are clues or signs that you have aced an interview:

You get a second interview 
In some cases, if you get an invite for a second interview, it maybe because there are different stages. In other circumstances, it may be because you have been offered the job, which is an indicator of success.

They ask for references
If the interviewers demand your references, it means they are considering making you an offer and they also want to ensure that you are a qualified candidate. But, normally, you should have a list of references on your Curriculum Vitae.

The interview runs beyond the designated time

If it seems like you are spending more time with the interviewers than other interviewees, the employer obviously wants to know more about you and what value you are bringing to the table.

You are asked a lot of questions 
If the interviewer spends as much time answering your questions as he/she did asking his own, it’s a sign.

You are introduced to the team

This is one of the obvious signs of a successful interview. Being introduced to people who weren’t present during your interview is a major sign. If they are not interested in you, they won’t introduce you to other employees or top management.

They talk about the specifics of leaving your current job 
If you are asked about the time you require for leaving your present job, you can be sure you have been shortlisted. If you do not provide a satisfactory response, you may be knocked off the list.

Salary is discussed
Discussing salary expectations is often a good sign but it is also dependent on the stage you are in the job interview process.

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