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As days go by and rainy season is supposed to be drawing to an end, it seems like the downpour is getting even worse. Even those in usually arid places like Abuja have noticed that it’s raining more frequently now. This might be the cause of global warming or it’s just the season. Either way, you have to really protect yourself from the wet and cold weather. We have just the thing for that – coats! This is why, even though we live in tropical weather, you can wear coats during the rainy season.

Rainy season coats3

It gets pretty cold quickly. With the incessant rain comes a drop in temperature. You have to be prepared for that. Worse still is if you work in an office where the air condition never goes off, you will be on your way to a hospital in no time. The simple solution are coats. There is this notion that coats are meant for when it gets really cold probably like the winter abroad. But if you don’t live in Jos, you may never see that kind of weather. You have to make do with what you have.

Rainy season coats1

The secret to wearing coats that you don’t end up regretting a couple of hours during the day is texture. Winter jackets are probably way thicker than most. So, when you are leaving your house, have in mind that the sun might come up something during the day. When it gets hot, you will get very uncomfortable. Hence, wear a jacket that is thick enough to protect you from the cold but not too thick that you will be sweating profusely in a good air conditioned room.

More so, since there is a possibility that it will get hotter, wear an inner clothing that can be worn alone. For the ladies, pick a light (probably chiffon) shirt. This should have long enough sleeves so that you stay within the office dress codes. Wearing silk might be a bad idea because there is no way for air to enter. When you take off the jacket, there is nothing more embarrassing than sweat lines. For the guys, feel free to mix things up a bit. Don’t be afraid to play around with coats of different colours and length.

Rainy season coats2

Coats can be tricky and for some people just plain uncomfortable. However, they are the best bet during this rainy season if you want to look fashionable and healthy. If you have any views on why you can wear coats during this rainy season, comment below.

Written by Judith Achinedu

Images: foodfashionandflow.wordpress.com, americanapparel.net, pinterest.com

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