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Former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick had a few words for JAY-Z and Beyoncé who attended the Super Bowl LIV. During the national anthem, which was performed by pop singer Demi Lovato, the famous couple was filmed sitting alongside their daughter Blue Ivy instead of standing with the rest of the crowd.

“I thought we were ‘past kneeling’ tho,” he wrote across a screenshot of a TMZ Sports article about the couple’s conduct at the game. It was coupled with a “thinking emoji.”

The caption references comments Jay-Z made back in August 2019. When asked in a press conference if he would kneel for the anthem, Jay-Z said: “I think we’ve moved past kneeling and I think it’s time to go into actionable items.”

Jay-Z faced criticism over his remarks and partnership with the NFL, with many accusing him of betraying Kaepernick.

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