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Every day is melanin day. Though we love bright colors that pop and highlight the beauty of our natural skin tones, we love to see skin just for what it is. We’ve selected three makeup products that add to your beauty which is already, and don’t alter, but simply enhance.


Beauty Line by Didi

 Beauty Line by Didi is all you need for your lip gloss drip! This company’s new line is perfect for women who love different shades of nude. You’ll get colors that your match your skin perfectly, and others that you can use to layer. This line has what we call, range. Imagine your dark full lips, covered in black coffee… or in Irish coffee. These two shades are miles apart, but made to show off the fullness and texture of your lips. The best part? Each sexy little tube is full of hyaluronic acid, which means moisturized and wrinkle-free lips.



Hegai & Esther

As a woman, you have to know what works for you. And that’s why Hegai & Esther’s single eyeshadow Wet Diamond refills are the perfect beauty steal. They don’t need any primer, which means it will take less steps to get you your flawless finish, and most importantly, it means your buying only the colors you absolutely love. They make it easy for you to be a beauty queen on a budget.

Your nude finish, should never be a dull one. And with Hegai & Esther’s Flash Pan Highlighter Palette, you’re promised it won’t be.


Nuban Beauty

A flawless finish does not exist without the perfect concealer. If anyone tells you otherwise, we promise they’re lying. Nuban Beauty gives us shades between shades, throughout their In My Skin line. How many other brands do that? This liquid concealer is lightweight, waterproof and long-wearing. Essentially, it’s a triple threat.

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