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Who says as an African, I can’t get to flaunt different colours on my hair. It’s not like I want anything too drastic- just a bit of toning. I have a red-head for a mother and fall in love over and over again with her hair. So it occurred to me “Why not try colouring yours as well?”. And the research began.

I needed something cheap and cheerful. Which is code for free. And I found out that to get some colour, all I need to do is go to the kitchen.

-Brown toning: Soaking your hair in coffee for 15 minutes or thereabout will result in a brown tone.

-Blond toning: Mix lemon and your favorite chamomile tea and massage into your hair, then hang out in the sun and voila a blond tone results. The longer the sun, the blonder the tone.

-Red toning: Soak hair in carrot juice and beet brew for about an hour to get a reddish tone. With that I could steal me some red-head skills from my mum.


Image credit: Alsiasi

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