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coloursbyray makeup foundationColoursByRay – SETTING THE RIGHT FOUNDATION

We’ve all at some point seen someone wearing the wrong shade of foundation and probably rolled our eyes, or most likely… we have been that person.

With foundation its important that our skin looks like skin. So when selecting the right foundation here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Understanding your skin type is important when selecting the right foundation, if your skin is oily or you live in a hot and humid country then the best bet is an oil free foundation.

The Kind of Coverage you want will also determine the kind of foundation you end up selecting, by coverage I mean how much of your flaws you want to cover up, so if don’t mind a bit of your skin showing then your best bet would be to opt for a sheer foundation, if you’re aim is to cover up discoloration and acne scars then medium coverage would work fine and if your aim is to cover all flaws then grab yourself a full coverage foundation.

colours by ray

Picking the right shade to your skin tone is one of the most important step in getting the right foundation, you don’t want to go round looking like Umpa-Lumpa. So when selecting the right shade take a Q-Tip and apply on your lower jaw line and leave it for a few minutes to see how it absorbs into your skin, if the shade appears invincible then I believe you’ve met your match.

Deciding between two shades that are similar maybe an issue and if that ever presents itself I would suggest you go with the lighter option because you can always add a little custom color with bronzer or blush.


  • Its important to always moisturize your skin before applying your foundation.
  • When applying foundation blend the foundation into the top of your neck as well.

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