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Justin Bieber thinks that “if you like the way you look so much, you should go and love yourself”, but that’s not why we are here.

There’s a new circle in town for the ‘happening’ ladies and it is called just that – The Circle!

The Women International (TWI), an empowerment movement dedicated to self-improvement and personal development for African women from all walks of life, has created the atmosphere for The Circle to thrive.

Here’s what expect from The Circle:

“Our mission is to assist women to build a better future for themselves, their families, and their businesses by creating events geared towards realizing their full potential both personally and professionally in order to live a purpose driven life,” says TWI.

TWI’s flagship “The Circle” is a FREE monthly social event/support group focused on self-love that provides a platform for African women of ages 15 to 35 to get connected, inspired and empowered.

Since inception in 2016 over 10,000 women online and an estimated number of over 600 women offline within the Lagos, Enugu and London communities have accessed seasoned mentors through The Circle.

Ok, interesting… but why is this “Circle” beneficial to me or those in my community?

Well here it goes… The circle promotes self-love and self-improvement. “Our mission is to make the message and medicine of self-love accessible and attainable to African women worldwide so that within 3 generations we can create a world in which every girl born is born connected to love and stays connected to that love, so that no matter what they face along their path in life they have the power within to stay true to themselves, trust themselves and to feel loved, supported, cared for, safe and strong. We touch on the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, and Mental aspects of their lives,” says TWI.
TWI believes that, “every woman should continuously work on becoming the best version of herself. There is always something in our life that we feel needs improvement, however a lot of us women lack the willpower or motivation to do so. Saying that you will improve on a particular thing or beginning the journey to improve a particular issue in your life is a good start, but the key is to never give up on self-improvement. If you find that you have strayed, don’t beat yourself up about it, all you need to do is get up and try again and again until it becomes a part of you. The best way to start improving yourself is to take baby steps. I am not saying it is going to be easy or simple, however it will all be worth it in the end.

Ok.. So what is Self love?? Sounds too good too be true right ? How can loving yourself be the key to happiness? Or as the youngsters would say “How is self love the plug to happiness?’

Well here it goes… Self love is the instinct or desire to promote one’s own wellbeing and happiness. Now, I’m not talking about being arrogant or a narcissist… no no no, we’re talking about you rooting for ‘YOU’, being your number one cheerleader and just loving every inch of yourself. mind, body and soul.

It is true that women and girls appear to have a higher self esteem than ever before, however in this social media age we get to see first hand that women are suffering with body image ideologies, dealing with domestic violence alongside a whole range of self destructive issues. These issues mostly stream from a deep sense of self worth or belief that they are not worthy of having a better life, because deep down they do not love themselves.

So here is the ‘PLUG’                                       

Today in the 21st century these are the facts:

1 in 3 women will be in an abusive relationship before the age of 20. 80% will return.

1 in 3 women will be sexually abused.

4 of 5 girls will think about dieting before JS1.

Almost 1 out of 2 women will suffer through a divorce. 20% in the first 5 years of marriage.

80% of women are so exhausted that they are headed for extreme adrenal gland fatigue.

Women surveyed today are no happier than women surveyed in 1970, even though they have more equality, self esteem and freedom.

But what about all my selfie queens and independent women? Well yes, we know that not everyone feels this way but hear us out… That girl who takes the best selfies on the gram with 200,000 likes maybe battling with suicidal thoughts and depression; or that married woman who is a high roller with perfect children and the fancy vacations with the hashtag ‘couple goals’ trending under all her pictures could sadly be emotionally, and physically abused by her spouse. Our monthly circles provide a safe haven for women to speak up and share their experiences with other women; baring it all in a conducive and supportive environment. The bond and sisterhood shared during and after the circle helps our women with the healing process.

If you ever believed that self love was a luxury think again. The repercussions of not having it and worse not teaching our daughters are serious. Today while some people do understand the power of self love because they have experienced its life changing effects, self love still elicits definitions like narcissism, conceit, vanity, selfishness, and others. In a world where so many girls and women experience unnecessary suffering, not using the power of self love will simply not do!

So many women in Nigeria today suffer from a lack of self love; there are different subsections of self love, fondly called, “the self love tree.”This includes self care, self acceptance, self pleasure, self awareness, self empowerment, self trust, self honor and respect, self compassion and forgiveness, self expression and self worth. The question you need to ask yourself today is where are you strong in self love and where are you weak? Your mission is to determine which branches of self love most need your attention this year and begin to work on them.

Stay tuned for our next article to find out more on self love and how you can work on improving every aspect of your total wellbeing in order to achieve a balanced, passionate, fulfilled and happy life!

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