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Have you ever seen lightning strike twice? Heard the golden fowls of ELUIGWE string their vocal chords in the early hour of daylight? Ever seen a GOD walk the earth? If not then this is the book for you.


Straight from The Comic Republic, An African studio based in Nigeria, comes the first ever eponymous title featuring the Ibo patron god or Alusi of thunder and lightning called ‘Amadioha‘.

Years after he descends to earth, the king of the gods is forced to leave his easy going life and once again re-enter the realm of that which is unnatural.

There are stories of myth, legend and those told to little infants to soothe their dreams at night. Tall tales depicting ancient warriors of different origins, religions and abilities.

Then there are stories that are resonate with deeper cultural ties, passed down through songs and literature for generations, these are the kinds of stories that come to life.

Discover the deep myths and fables surrounding Nigerian gods, their mythology and all the dark crevices in between.

This issue is just one among the long lineup of African flavored goodness that Comic Republic has planned for the rest of the year.

Read or download the first ever issue of AMADIOHA and all your favorite superheroes on Comic Republic

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