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Have you ever seen a real witch? Nigerian myth and folklore, or at least the ones made available to us would have us believe them to be diabolical creatures of the night. In most Nigerian Stories, they are depicted as women, seducists and charmers loyal to the devil’s work.

aje comic republic

However, the “Aje” Comics produced by the creative team of the Comic republic deviates from the known lores and depicts these mystical women as the beautiful and wise commanders of the mystic arts.

Far from the thin, gangly depictions we are all familiar with, the Aje here use their knowledge and abilities to cater to the otherwise difficult needs of the mere folk. Using spells, herbal concoctions much like the priestesses of ancient Greece or Shamans, they become women bathed in mystery and tradition.
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Illustrated as they are in full glory, they have wide full hips and the honey like complexions favored within the African community and its diaspora.

In the recent Aje issue 3, Teni, our main character is set to uncover a deep truth, the key to her existence, the missing links to her past and perhaps a hint to an even more hidden mystery, who she truly is. With the help of a witch and her familiar, the story takes the audience and its characters forward into the darker chasms where myth and true reality converge.

The story takes our reality, past, present , as well as the beliefs and truths of magic into a elegant mix of new African Mythological drama. Created by the CEO of the studio himself, Jide Martin, Aje is primed and ready for your Literary consumption almost one hundred percent free, the extra price for such a cultural masterpiece being love and appreciation.

This book and many others are available for reads or download on Comic Republic

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