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comic republic

I hate bullies, personally they ruined most of my high school experience and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about these delinquents.

But never fear, Beatz is here!

Follow this mechanized DJ as he proves that nothing goes better than action packed superhero justice and well-orchestrated musical madness. His superpowers include sound wave manipulation, a genetic disease that allows him to visually sense noise and badass face tattoos.

This modern day improvisation of DJ Sose is created by none other than the CEO of the studio Jide Martin and is written and illustrated by dynamic duo Akintoba Kalejaye and Yusuff Adeleye.

The story strongly supports the notion of helping those in need even at one’s own risk, which are the kinds of values that make up the foundation of our hero.

In his latest issue, he is faced with a new kind of obstacle, one all good heroes must face in their own time… losing his powers, or at least the ability to help people with it.

How he will deal with this new development is something he is not given time to consider, as evil never sleeps and neither will his enemies.

This book and many other African Superheroes are available for Free reads or downloads on the Comic republic website.

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