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Sick of all that superhero magic? SCi Fi and Spy action got you covered in the newest issue of Metalla the 13th.

Straight from the versatile pen of well-known comic book script writer and enthusiast Akintoba kalejaye, comes what is perhaps the only thing darker than DC this year and revving up to rock your bloody underbellies.

Dyed in realism, the story brings to light the undisclosed activities of Nigeria’s top underground crime fighting organization. With eyes in the deepest and darkest trenches of greed and corruption, no stone will be left un-scrutinized in their wake. Whether the earth breaks or the heavens fall, justice will be forced to make an appearance.

The comic series first made its debut late 2017 where it’s memorable rally of characters engaged in movie level thriller filled investigation and fans worldwide agreed they all had that mission impossible theme song playing in their heads.

Now justice returns, its craning neck help painfully in the hands of those not afraid to seize it, those burdened along the path of wickedness and those insane enough to want to put a stop to it.

This issue is just one among the long lineup of African flavored goodness that Comic Republic has planned for the rest of the year.

Catch Metalla The 13th and all your favorite superheroes @thecomicrepublic.com

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