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Written By Damilola Faustino

Etiquette is a customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Although you cannot know them all, there are basic or common etiquettes you must imbibe. They may seem simplistic but they are important, especially when you find yourself in social settings:

–Being impolite to anyone

Respecting the feelings and sensitivities of others is an important etiquette rule to imbibe. Being rude will make people perceive you as arrogant and self-centred. Hence, whether he is a cleaner or she is the CEO, don’t be impolite. Try treating them with respect.

–Being late

In Nigeria, there is what is referred to as African time. It is when an event or meeting is scheduled for 8 am and no one is present. You start seeing attendees of the meeting strolling in at 10 am. When lateness becomes a habit, you will simply become a good example for lateness. Kill African time and be punctual.

–You are not thankful

When someone does something special or amazing for you, try as much as possible to say thank you no matter how small. The person would be willing to do more for you if you are grateful so just say thank you.

–Failing to introduce others

When you are with two people who don’t know each other, you should always introduce them.  It is awkward when you just ignore your friend and continue chatting without any introduction. A brief intro won’t be bad.

–Chatting or texting away while with your friends

This is a very bad etiquette and a large number of people do it. We chat on our smartphones while with our friends or lovers. The other party will feel ignored, because you are not listening to them. Suspend chatting on your phone and focus on your conversation.

–Bad table manners

When you are dining with families and friends, you should observe table manners. You do not want people having a negative perception about you. One of the simplest table errors is talking while food is in your mouth.

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