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By Damilola Faustino

Curling hair seems pretty simple. You just heat up a curling iron, wrap your hair around it, and you’re done. Unfortunately, there are plenty of hair curling iron mistakes you could be inadvertently making that could damage your hair. In line with this, we share some curling iron mistakes to avoid.

curling iron hair

Using the wrong heat

If you’re guilty of just plugging in the curling iron and getting to work without adjusting the temp, you may want to rethink your strategy. For really structured curls that require a longer curling time, stick to around 275 degrees. If you’re just running your curling iron through your hair quickly for loose waves, you can go up to about 360 degrees. But not higher or you’ll be damaging your precious locks!

Curling toward your face

Curls should always frame your face. And in order for them to do so, they must be curled away from your face. If your curls are facing your neck, no one can really see them! To curl your hair away from your face, curl it to the direction of the side you’re working on.

Using the wrong size curling iron

Curling irons are definitely not one-size-fits-all-styles. Consider the size of the curl you want and use a curling iron that matches. For tight curls, use a curling iron with a width of less than an inch. For bigger curls, use something around the 1.5-inch mark.

Choosing the wrong material

If your curling iron is made of metal or chrome, maybe it’s time to consider buying one from another material. While metal and chrome irons are cheaper, they are also very damaging to your hair because they open the hair cuticle, which inevitably damages your locks. Opt instead for tourmaline and ceramic, both of which release negative ions that close the hair cuticles.

Your curling tool is unclean

Hairstyling tools can’t clean themselves. And even though they might look clean on the surface, the truth is that curling irons and wands do accumulate product residue, dust, and dirt. Using your tool without cleaning it will deposit all those things into your tresses and it will negatively affect the hairstyle that you’re intending to create.

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