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The death of a 60-year-old man who is said to have died by the hands of an air force personnel and his colleagues has been reported by Premium Times.

The incident is said to have taken place on Tuesday at a brothel located in Simari area of Maiduguri, Borno State.

According to the Nigeria Air Force account, the soldier, Kamal Usman, a Lance Corporal, was on his way home from his duty post when he ran into people having an argument who dispersed as soon he got there.

He said the armed personnel was trying to find out what happened, he walked into the hotel to see that there was a woman laying on a bed, by which time, the deceased had mobilized a mob that attacked the personnel and in the process his rifle was snatched.


It is also reported that, the Commander of the 105 Composite Group, Charles Ohwo, an Air Commodore, told journalists at a press briefing on Thursday that the deceased was not shot. He said the man died when soldiers were trying to retrieve a rifle allegedly snatched from their colleague.

However witness do no agree. They reportedly said, the victim, Ibrahim Bulama, was shot dead by soldiers after they clashed over a woman at the brothel.

Witnesses are reported to have questioned the Air Force’s narratives, saying it did not explain what exactly took the armed airman to a brothel, or how exactly he got to see the woman on the bed, or what he was doing with her at the time the mob mobilised to attack him.

“The soldiers have to do their investigation very well, because all we heard was that a soldier was attacked by angry mob after the old man was killed,” said a source who asked not to be named for safety reasons.

Mr. Ohwo said, “The airman is now recuperating at the air force medical facility in Maiduguri, while his colleagues who were involved in the incident have been detained pending further investigation,” and he called for calmness while thorough investigation is being carried out in respect of the unfortunate incident.

Further reports stated that journalists were ushered into the military clinic at the Air Force base where the accused airman, who had deep cuts on his head, was admitted. He was cuffed by the legs.

Written by Okolo Ezinne


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