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For individuals who use prescribed glasses, they may want to alternate it with contact lenses intermittently, while others simply trade their pair of glasses for contact lenses. In between, some women wear it as a fashion accessory to make their iris appealing. Thus, contact lenses are becoming very popular. The problem is that these individuals just wear contact lenses without considering anything. This may be risky to your eyes. Henceforth, before you wear those contact lenses, we share the essential things you have to consider:


Talk to an ophthalmologist

You don’t decide to wear contact lenses on your own. An ophthalmologist must examine your eyes and make recommendations whether you need to wear one or not. If you are given a pass, the eye doctor will prescribe a contact lens that best suits your eyes.

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Take good care of your lenses

The sensitivity of the eyes does not permit you to be careless with your lenses regardless of whether it is for fashion or not. You should never use saline solutions to clean your lenses, as this can be harmful to your eyes. This is why you should talk to your eye doctor as he can tell you how to clean your eye lenses.


Avoid beauty contact lenses

There are so many places where you can buy beauty or fashion lenses. Hence, it is very much available and accessible. Regardless, the consequences of wearing unrecommended lenses are dire. You can even lose your sight in extreme situations. The only lenses you should wear are the prescribed ones.

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Ensure you do not have eye irritation or allergies 

If you suffer from frequent eye irritations or allergies, you should stick to your glasses or avoid lenses. This is because the more you wear contact lenses, the more you are susceptible to red eyes and allergies.

unnamed (12)See your eye doctor in times of pain

You are likely to experience eye pain anytime you wear contact lenses especially the ones that are not authorised by an eye doctor. So, when you feel severe discomfort or pain in your eyes, you should see your doctor.

Written By Damilola Faustino
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