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Written by Chinenye Onukwubiri

Contouring your face can be such a hassle. Getting the perfect chiseled jaw seems like a whole  nother level of complicated makeup. But don’t worry, it can be simpler.

First, be sure to buy the right products. Keep it simple with all in one contouring palette, fan brush and angled brush. Like this:


Now begin with these 5 simple steps to contouring your face:

Step 1:  Prep your skin to remove all the makeup. Wash, cleanse and tone.

face wash

Step 2: Apply foundation to even out complexion and then apply setting powder.

Step 3: Contour with angle brush and a color one or two shades lighter than your base tone. Focus on your cheekbone and jawline and your neck.

Step4: Highlight with one or two shades brighter than your face, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin.

Step 5: Using a fan brush, add moon dust luminizer to the cheekbones for a flawless finish.

There! Contoured face. Not so much stress, was it? Keep practicing until you are perfect.

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