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Ozoz kitchen butterfly

My name is Ozoz (the Kitchen Butterfly). My full name is actually “Ozozoma” which means ‘Everyone should give birth to children’ in my language (Igarra – Edo state, Nigeria). So having birthed physical beings (three, of which one is a teenager) and other creative and interesting things, I can say I’m living up to my name ?.

Let’s get right to the point… This column is about more than just the kitchen, it’s about food and culture, history and heritage, travel, stories, life, and all mostly through the lens of what I call ‘The New Nigerian Kitchen’.

Hear me out… The New Nigerian Kitchen is a celebration of Nigerian cuisine in its entirety. It isn’t about trends, fads or gimmicks for retweets. It is about discovering the wealth of Nigerian food there is, how time and culture have shaped food uses, hacks for winning in the kitchen and on the table, and importantly, the connections between Nigerian cuisine and other global cuisines.

kitchen butterfly

There are so many ways we differ; across state lines and country borders, but there are a hundred thousand ways we’re similar inspite of these differences. Part of my journey is to find and share them. Like the universal love for fried dough, from Nigerian Puff Puff to New Orleans Beignets and Italian Zeppole.

Puff Puff - Beignets - Zeppole

Puff Puff / Beignets / Zeppole. Pretty similar right?

People find some of my ideas and concepts  outrageous, and understandably so. Truth is – I’ve been cooking, reading and writing about food for the twenty seven years. So my creations all come from my intent, and my knowledge.

kitchen Butterfly

I’ll share recipes, ideas, hacks, photographs, facts, and more about food – I really hope you enjoy it. Please read, share, question – let’s deepen our knowledge and language around Nigerian cuisine…and document it for reference sake.

I hope you enjoy it.

Written by Kitchen Butterfly

Instagram: @kitchenbutterfly

Twitter: @kitchnbutterfly

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