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burn out stressedFeeling tired, exhausted, fagged out, worn out or overwhelmingly stressed? It may mean you are going through a burn out and trust me, this only shows that you are human. It is normal, and everyone has kind of experienced it, in one way or the other.

You are probably nodding your head as you read this, or saying “No Des, my own tired is tired oh, like its deep, intense and overwhelming.” My reply to you is YES, you are not abnormal, or crazy or mad, it is very normal. You probably kept pushing yourself too hard, when your body first indicated or showed you signs that you were tired. (Remember when we spoke about Mental Health and the need to take a break?)

It is very paramount that we all take it easy/take a break when our bodies start showing signs that a break is needed (signs indicated in the article on Mental health). When we do not /refuse to take a break at that point, we start showing signs that people don’t understand and begin to:


  • Be upset at any little thing and everything;
  • Be intensely and extremely irritated by people we surround ourselves with/work with;
  • Want to loose it and scream and shout;
  • Be extremely emotional, (e.g. crying out of the blues);
  • Act irrationally;
  • Find it difficult to sleep (severe insomnia);
  • Feel or think that we are actually running mad, because of how we get triggered by any and everything;
  • Have suicidal thoughts in (extreme cases); i.e. want out of life due to how tired we are.

At this stage we are tired emotionally, physically, mentally, probably spiritually and psychologically. When you begin to feel like you want out of life or start having suicidal thoughts, it is advised that:


  • We seek help and get counseling;
  • Start a hobby/ something new and make it a hobby;
  • Create small goals (very little goals);
  • Take up a passionate challenge; (not a challenge that would get you tired but a challenge like (oh I started learning how to play the piano and I will ensure that I play the piano everyday or 3 times a week).
  • We should also spoil ourselves;
  • Be around friends and create new hobbies that include your friends (that way you have a yearning to live again, you begin to feel happy and you probably get excited about life again.

N.B. – If you have any friend experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, I encourage you to spend more time with this person, encourage them and uphold them. That way they find a reason to live again.

Once again YOU ARE NOT ALONE, different people have experienced it in different ways. It’s totally normal, you just need time off, and you need to catch up on sleep, relax, treat yourself, spoil yourself and don’t take on big challenges. Take it easy and be in tune with yourself, pick up or create a new hobby and take one day at a time. Confess positive things about yourself and give yourself compliments, because you have come this far regardless and I am so proud of you.

Till next time….

Happy World Mental Health Day

Adesola Osuntoki

Associate @ SimmonsCooper Partners

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