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Life or society expects that you go to Uni, graduate with fantastic grades and then finally get that dream job. In the workplace however, everything seems to be cast in stone (or maybe not?)


What is usually signed in the contract once you finally bag that job are the dos and don’ts of the company and agreeing to those terms. One of such terms are the working hours which entail the resumption and closing times. The employee handbook also states and emphasizes this.

The practical aspect of this in most offices is that people resume between 7/8/9am (depending on traffic) but the real question is; do we all leave at 6pm? I am sure you all shook your head or yelled out NO!

What is a 6pm closing time when the average time most people leave work is 9pm (on a good day)?
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Only the ogas at the top (the bosses) get to leave early.


In fact, the bosses are also affected by this myth because some board meetings never really end in time and then they also have other things they had already planned or set out to do earlier on that day.

More often than not, the period between 6-9 pm is when people really do the work that they set out to do but perhaps didn’t get to do due to the meetings they had to attend to during the day or professionals (Court for the lawyers), which leads to the conclusion that really and truly, the 9-5 concept in Nigeria is really a big myth.

But who can fix this though? Should we sue all our ogas?

Big ups to those that stay pushing and killing it till 10 pm. We see you, y’all are the real MVPs. Your work and efforts do not go unnoticed.

Till next time…

By Adesola Osuntoki

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