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hustle tweetWith the year 2020 upon us, and only 5 months away, a lot of us are working hard, grinding, pushing it, killing it at the job and trying to secure the bag. Everyone is striving for excellence in every aspect and area of our lives.

Yes, it is very paramount for us to secure the bag and hustle in our prime years, so life doesn’t get us hustled in the future. Nevertheless, whilst we hustle and try to secure the bag, we need to ensure that our minds and bodies are not over flogged in the process.

No matter what age bracket you find yourself, you are still very young (this is the youngest you will ever be, as you have more years ahead of you), and should take out time when you need to.

At times, our bodies give us hints and signals when it needs to slow down. It could be in the form of any of the following:

  • Exhaustion; as one begins to realize that they are more exhausted than they used to be (or you catch yourself saying how tired you are more frequently);
  • Unproductivity/Unwanted procrastination = Delayed deadlines; as one realizes that they are not as productive as they would normally be or things begin to take you an unnecessary longer time to accomplish.
  • Restlessness/Repulsive mood swings; it could even begin to tell on ones mood, as one begins to realize that they are not as pleasant as they normally would be, and then find that they begin to detest their job or environment. It could be argued and clearly observed at this stage (the restless and repulsive mood swings), that this trend and process is already affecting ones mental space/ health and the most important factor one needs is honestly just REST or to unwind.


We are truly not able to perform at our best capacity when our bodies are exhausted, tired or drained. And, if care is not taken, we could be creating and self-inflicting a toxic environment for ourselves by ourselves. As the Yorubas will say o ti lo òwo tire, se ipalara funrarę, meaning you have used your own hand to harm/hurt yourself. The environment does not just automatically become toxic, nor do people get toxic out of the blues. In my opinion, it just seems toxic because people are frustrated and tired, they perhaps have a backlog of several issues and stress that they have been pilling up in/on their mind or overthinking about, and need time to rest and reflect.

be kind too yourself

Yes, hustle oh!!, make that bar and secure the bag. But please, in trying to secure the bag, make we secure our life and future, by ensuring that our sanity and minds are healthy, and do not in turn, become a savings account for toxicity that would rob us of happiness, clarity and undiluted peace in the future.

Lets all endeavor to take breaks/rest when we need to, as this gives us clarity, focus, peace, a healthier mind and clearer vision; and also aids and improves our work process, productivity & drive. In addition, our bodies and future will definitely thank us for it. Thus, you have a clearer space and mind to prepare for that future, and only a healthy body and mind can truly enjoy what God has placed (what awaits us)
in our future.

Till Next time….

By Adesola Osuntoki

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