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Lately, I have been on a quest for relaxation, peace and serenity, but in my search and yearnings, I developed a euphoria to show off the beauty that is Africa – Nigeria, by showing off our culture and dressing.

change vacation nigeriaUnfortunately, however, my excitement, euphoria and pride to display and show off my culture slowly turned into timidity & worry on being associated with the country; as I was gifted the news of the FBI scandal that was dropped at our doorstep and all that came with it.

A few days ago it was the whole shebang on XENOPHOBIA. I personally do not think it really is Xenophobia as the essence of Xenophobia implies dislike or prejudice on people from other countries/ foreigners. However, in real essence the attack was on Tanzanians, Nigerians and Zimbabweans (Africans), and not the British, Chinese, Asians or other foreigners in South Africa. Nevertheless, Nigeria’s name seems to be the loudest.

Even the alleged news of the suspect who attacked and shot the taxi driver in South Africa was said to be a Nigerian, but in truth, this was not the case.

We can see that lately being associated with this country doesn’t open doors, but rather makes people be a bit cautious or taken aback. Let’s not even begin to speak about the issues that come with obtaining visas.

My father says you are most likely to be a ‘welcomed’ king in your own land than in a strange land, and honestly there really is no place like home. But what happens when home no longer feels like home; when strange lands are more viable and more encouraging than home? I think that is a red light that the parents of that home need to fix.

No parent is happy to know that their home is not conducive. Every parent strives to make their house a conducive place for their children and a house becomes a home when it is a safe haven. When a house is no longer safe, no loving parent is happy and that could in turn break the home. And this is the current state of our country Nigeria. Our parents, the Government need to seriously fix the current situation that we find ourselves in. When what we use to identify ourselves (our passports) brings us closed doors, stares, bad vibes and bad energy from our counterparts in other countries then o to ge!!!!

This one is not time for prayer and fasting, as I have a strong belief that God’s love for Nigeria & Nigerians runs deep; deeper than any oceans and sea combined! We are the cause of our own problem and clarity has been given to us a long time ago. When a country becomes toxic to its own citizens, and it seems like it is more viable to be in a strange land than in the land that God placed one, then there is indeed a greater problem.

chief obafemi awolowo

Does love no longer exist in this country or are we cursed by the statement made by Awolowo that the Children of the poor that the nation refused to train would be the ones that frustrate the children of the elite/ never let the children of the elite have peace? Our problems honestly run deeper than this and something really drastic needs to be done by our beloved parents.

I believe strongly that our latter days would be greater, better and more enjoyable than what we currently have. However, we need to start working on that NOW so we can see the change in our generation and not have to wait until it begins to reflect in those of our ‘greatest’ grandchildren.

My appeal is to the Government of this Nation to please act in our best interest and make the name Nigeria have a gracious and royal meaning and implication AGAIN!!! This is not what our ancestors fought and suffered for please!!!

Till Next time….

By Adesola Osuntoki

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