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By Damilola Faustino

Drones are definitely the speedy, noisy future, but once you’ve gotten your flighty new friend in the air and mastered the art of hovering, what’s next? To get some ideas, check out the awesome ways to use your drone!


Aerial videography

Drones can get shots that are impossible from the ground. Imagine watching a fireworks display from 400 feet! Take pictures of your car or boat from unique angles. You can even make an awesome drone time-lapse video.

Action cam drone!

Lots of drones can follow their operators around, so consider rigging your drone to watch you surf, kayak down a raging river, or race a bicycle through the mountains. If you’re willing to build your own drone, it could even take you snowboarding.

Drone selfies

Use your drone’s high-res camera to get the perfect profile pic, or to commemorate a special event with your friends. Getting the ideal angle is easy when you can move your camera anywhere. Weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs – the possibilities are endless!

Look over your property

Want to see if your roof is okay without breaking out a ladder? Want to check up on the tops of your trees? Need a 360-degree video for insurance? Your drone is the perfect tool for getting eyes on that hard-to-reach part of your property.

Start your own drone business

Drones are being used in businesses like aerial surveying, crop management, commercial aerial videography, and small package delivery. You’ll be able to operate under a more permissive set of rules. Once you’re cleared to fly, the sky’s the limit (sort of).

Drone search and rescue volunteering

Drones have also proven to be particularly valuable when it comes to emergency services. You can get them off the ground more easily and more quickly than a helicopter, which makes them ideal for a rapid deployment when someone goes missing in nearly any wilderness situation. Drones can also be used for similar emergency services, such as spotting and tracking wildfires, searching for disaster zones, and much more. Obviously, this is amazing because it allows drone pilots to help save lives, but it’s also a less costly and fast way of conducting search and rescue efforts compared to traditional solutions.

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