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Written By Damilola Faustino

The weekend, especially, Saturday is pregnant with a lot of activities. You will be surprised that quite a number of people do not even rest despite the week’s stress. Perhaps, ridiculously, there are some activities or chores that have been reserved for Saturdays and for good reason. Here’s how to spend your weekends:

–Attend Parties

Saturdays are already branded as an owambe day. It is otherwise known as parties. There are weddings, bridal showers, post bachelors’ parties, birthdays, and so much more. Obviously, if you want many people to attend your event, Saturday is the best day to fix this, as it hardly coincides with work, leaving people with little excuse than to be there. It is fun all the way!


Saturday has been signed, sealed and delivered as the day for washing. A substantial number of individuals prefer to wash on Saturday. This may be due to the fact that they are busy on week days. This said, even those who are not busy still choose to perform the Saturday ritual washing!

–Work out

Hitting the gymnasium or jogging for long distance is also another activity attached to Saturday. Lots of People dream about keeping fit only on Saturday. Meanwhile, on weekdays, they refuse to perform the simple 5 minutes exercise. Well, it is better than not working out at all.

–Hit the cinema with your bae

For Nigerians who take their girlfriends out, Saturday is a perfect time. They can go to the cinema or any fun spots around the city. Also, it is a time for couples to visit one another.

–Go to work

Working on Saturdays when others are at home lounging can be… Anyway, some persons do not have Saturday breaks as they have to go to work. For example, we media personnel who have to deliver even on weekends. We’ve got your back always. Oh and doctors too!

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