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In the words of supermodel Tyra Banks – “You can do whatever but make it fashion”

(ok I paraphrased but you get me)

The Corona Virus has riddled the world with fear and a a sense of self-protection. Hand sanitizers have quadrupled in price and other tools of mass protection (such as masks and gloves) have circulated the world.
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(Just by the way, masks don’t actually work the way you think they do. They protects the other person from catching what you have.  And promise zero protection to the wearer… (just whoever encounters the wearer).

Paris Fashion Week suffered the most as the number of coronavirus cases in France rose and the famed Louvre closed amid the outbreak on Sunday.

Those who stayed back made sure to take necessary precaution…

The whole Front Row at the Dries Van Noten show was captured with 90% of audience in masks.

But now, fashion has responded to the face accessory in a huge way.

The British Fashion Council has anticipated designer face masks as the next trend feature amidst concerns over coronavirus.

  • Marine Serre (despite designing this collection before the outbreak) sent models onto the Paris Fashion Week runway with impressively face pieces.

These masks were created for the savvy fashionistas who puts self-protection first.

  • German-Namibian designer, Siedentopf, created a series of provocative images showing everyday items being used as protective face masks.

These masks were made for the environmentalist fashionista who champions sustainability.

Unfortunately, he went too far with the material used and the connotation behind it, thereby getting dissected by the internet.

(Photos from Dezeen)

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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