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Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois has voiced his opinion against the cancellation of the La Liga Santander season and supports possible resumption and completion of the LaLiga Santander season.

He is in favor of finishing the season and believes that it would be extremely unfair on him and his Real Madrid teammates should Barcelona win the league by default.

Real Madrid goalkeeper
“We are only two points behind Barcelona and if the season were to be canceled and Barcelona declared champions then it would be unjust,” Courtois said in an interview on Belgian TV.

“We drew with them and beat them this year, we were the better team.
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In the case of Liverpool, it would be different because I don’t even know how many points ahead they are. I want to finish the season.”

The Real Madrid team is expected to undergo tests for Covid-19 by Wednesday and training should resume on Monday, if the tests turn out negative.

Courtois shared his thoughts on this, saying “We need to be 100 percent sure that we are taking the necessary medical precautions before we start playing again, what happens if a player from another team gets infected?

“I guess there are lots of things to consider, but I would love to finish the season.”

By: Muyiwa Aguda

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