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By Obasi Pamela

Harmattan is edging closer. That period of chapped lips, white skin, dry air and brittle hair. This is usually between November and mid-March and it comes with a dry and dusty period associated with low humidity. Nevertheless, this period creates a beautiful sunny day with absolute cool weather and relief of heat.

Every season comes with its own challenges. Therefore, it is important to stay safe and prevent the negative effects of the harmattan such as dust, cracked lips, dry skin, pale look, cold and sore throat etc.

Here are ten useful tips on how to maintain the body and stay safe during the harmattan period.

  1. 1. Wear Protective Clothes:

This is essential because, it prevents you from cold and keeps your skin free from the effect of the harsh dry weather.

  1. 2. Drink Lots of Water:

This will help to avoid dehydration which is very common during the period. Also, water is very important as it aids to beat the dry season because the season itself is called dry  so, staying moist and hydrated is vital.

  1. 3. Always Use Moisturisers To Prevent Dry Skin:

Moisturizers help to prevent dry and cracked skin. It also helps to prevent the body from sustaining injury easily during the period. Also, hand creams are very essential and should be used regularly.

  1. 4. Shower With Warm Water:

Mornings are usually very cold during the harmattan season and having a shower with cold water might not is not the best option. Hence, it is advisable to use warm water to prevent cold and pneumonia.

  1. 5. Use Lip Balms:

Regular use of lip balm will aid the lips to stay moist and avert it from being cracked.

  1. 6. Avoid Dusty Environment:

Exposure to dust inhalation affects the health thus, dusty areas should be evaded and all foods should be covered always.

  1. 7. Keep Hair Moisturized:

This helps to prevent the hair from breaking and falling off.

  1. 8. Avoid excess Cold-Water Intake:

Excess cold water can trigger during the harmattan season thus, it should be avoided.

  1. 9. Rock Shades:

Shades or sunglasses during the harmattan season prevents dust from getting into the eyes because, dust can arise to eye problem or red eye.

  1. 10. Eat lots of fruits, especially oranges, apples, bananas and vegetables as well.

And add all other protective measures your African mothers have taught you. They will all come in handy at some point.

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