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The man. The musician. The magician. Que Peller is one of the furthest things from ‘ordinary’. Son of the famous magician Professor Peller, it wasn’t a surprise when Que made headlines as the first Nigerian musician to perform magic on stage. But it did sort of surprise us when we realized how talented he was. And no, we’re not just talking about his tricks; it turns out he’s pretty good behind a mic as well. We were excited to sit down with Que- the kind of excitement you feel just before a magic show or concert. And it turns out our excitement wasn’t in vain:




On how he sees himself:

As you know my stage name is Que Peller, my real names are Abisoye Abiola Peller.  I am a musician, inspite of my music. We do a little bit of magic yes, but I am signed to Aquila Records (alongside Baseone and Tillaman. I’m a Nigerian, from Oyo State. I went to Lead City University and I studied Mass communication and media tech. Oh and I’m single.




On being a magician:

Magic actually came from my father. My father was a magician during his lifetime. He was actually Africa’s No1 magician too and we actually grew up in the house doing magic and watching him do magic. He taught us a couple of tricks and since I’m an entertainer, he inspired me to be an entertainer, although I choose music (over magic). So I decided to honour my father with the magic stuffs that I do and infuse some magic with my music just to entertain my fans.




On being a musician:

My love for music started while I was a kid. Like I told you my father was an entertaining act, a magician. So while he performs on stage, he plays music alongside his magic. When I was young I listened to a lot of music growing up because most of the time I was either rehearsing in the house or performing at shows.  Following him (his dad) to shows I saw other musicians and so since then I think I have been inspired by some of these appearances.




On his decision to combine music and magic:

When I was starting music professionally, I knew I could sing very well and I knew I could do some tricks so I think what made me combine them is because I wanted to entertain my fans. I wanted to make them something extra, to make them happy. For me music is really serious so sometimes I (really try) not to get too serious. I like to play a lot and I would say that is why I infuse the magic to it aside from honouring my father.  I know it makes my fans happy when I wow them during the music and I just do that thing.




On the Nigerian Music Indusry

I listen to almost all kinds of music. I listen to Dancehall, Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggae Dancehall, then sometimes I listen to Country music, I had love for country music a long time ago but not anymore. I think I haven’t listened to lots of it lately so I listen to Reggae Dancehall and Nigeria’s kind of Dancehall. For music, I know I’m pretty sure the future holds greatness for music in Nigeria because as we can see now. I’m sure we’ve all been seeing lots of greatness around- lots of new artists around doing really great jobs, doing colourful videos and doing pretty good music. I know for us now let’s say within the last 10 years to this time a lot of changes have happened in the music industry so I believe in the next 10 years we would have changed more because the pace at which the music industry is growing is impressive and the future holds greatness for music and for magic.

I have met a lot of young people that are willing to go into magic and for the record I am not the only magician in Nigeria now. I have a brother that is a magician- a full time magician and I think he is planning on having a magic academy that will teach some people some tricks. So we can have fun like that and we can infuse that in our entertainment system in Nigeria. I see goodness in the future of magic in Nigeria too.

The Cover with Que Peller comes out this Monday.

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