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Are Duvet Outfits The New Wardrobe Staple Amidst Self-Isolation?
Because I really need that memo in writing

When Italian fashion brand


fused the utilitarian puffer coat with the elegant evening gown

they came up with a combo that had us all laughing…

Well I was…

for sure!

(I can’t lie, I despised the moment I sighted Shailene Woodley in that piece of garment

she was definitely paid to wear at the 2019 British Fashion Awards)

But the rate at which the quarantine duration is extending

Could this be the new face of smart casual meets stay at home glam?



At Milan Fashion Week February 2017,

actress Millie Bobby Brown, of Stranger Things,

showed up rocking a Moncler x Simone Rocha puffer coat gown.

(The Cut)

Monica Almada

The next year, fashionista Monica Almada,

was spotted in New York City

rocking the blue Moncler puffer coat evening gown worth $2710



Then Pharell co-signed the ‘FitPharell WIlliams covers GQ

When he featured on the cover of GQ.

(GQ Style)


And right about now,

I am rethinking all the negative chat aforementioned

about the subject matter.



The look is stress free;

You can go straight from bed to any activity in no time.

It keeps you warm, plus it’s the mobile ‘comforting’ bestie you need.

Imagine wearing a big hug and carrying that cosiness everywhere you go.

In fact, I’m now forced to ask myself

Why was I ever upset at this puffer creation and everyone who wore it on the red carpet?

Was I really just envious at how fearless they were

for desiring comfort over fashion forwardness?

Once you start this puffer journey
my inherent fear for you
is the likely inability to end the journey when the time comes.
Once the pandemic is over and you need to carry on with life as usual, will you be suffering withdrawal symptoms?
Most likely!… If you follow Moncler’s rulebook to the ‘T’
Moncler is already encouraging people
(via their editorials)
to accessorize their dresses by layering puffer coats over the puffer gowns
Through investing in the $1500 puffer glove
as the perfect match to your puffer gown.
Now tell me…where does one draw the line?

Would you wear a puffer coat gown even if its just to laze around at home?

Comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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