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Trust me when I say these these precautionary tips my mum taught me will help you stay Corona virus free.

Mother’s Day was yesterday and due to the Virus spread in Nigeria,

I celebrated an isolated one with mum over Facetime.

Panic has taken over our nation

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causing mum to turn yesterday’s celebration into an intense class where she dished out

10 tips to stay Corona Virus free

Despite what Instagram has been selling

The first tip to stay COVID-19 free is to Self-isolate.

Today alone in Nigeria, the total number of Corona virus cases has reached 37.

Figures climbed from 30 to 35 and settled currently at 37

(All within a matter of hours btw.)

So if you know what’s good for you and you can help matters (i.e. your job allows), just stay at home.

Tip 2; Hand sanitize your soul
Reach towards wipes, sanitizers, tissues, etc. more than you grab you phone.
Wipe every surface..cash collection must be limited…wipe your phone, handles, credit cards, etc.)
Tip 3; Pick up the phone and check in on your loved ones far and wide.

There’s no time like the present to show how much you care about them

(You have no excuse, you’re self isolating.)

Shower yourself and your home with love too; by clinging to your boo, your kids and a furry friend.

Don’t forget to show yourself some self love too;

Through eating clean and staying hydrated.

Now is the best opportunity to get your diet and wellbeing in tact.

N.B.: Ensure that you’re inserting immune-boosting foods into your diet such as ginger, celery, broccolli, etc.

And this is the truth (so don’t look at me like that).

Walking ‘to the fridge and back’ may be the most exercise some of us are practicing indoors

 nevertheless let’s still be mindful of our intake.

Clap back at Corona Virus by keeping in shape.

I know people whose whose routines have been tainted due to self isolation.

If you feel discouraged, start working out little by little and you’d get bak into the swing of things.

Say no to Fake News, limit this intake as much as possible.

Even if you cant stop yourself from consuming Corona Virus news, create a time frame in which you’d consume news and stick to it.

Distract yourself

Use entertainment and music and when you’ve had enough get to creating.

Play dress up, reorganize your closet, clean your room, paint a wall, play a game, bake, cook, sew… anything to keep you from worrying and panicking.

Include home made masking and catching up on much needed rest, I beg you.

When all else fails, God DEY!

Pray, keep your mind healthy and open to positivity, so the laws of attraction will send positivity your way.

By: Joan K. Vincent-otiono

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