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The COVID-19 pandemic is still continuing with full force, more and more vicious strains are being discovered, yet man must still live.

This is why I’ve put together a bunch of COVID compliant activities you would love to indulge in to sway your anxiety and keep your spirits up; for example  a Zero Contact Sport such as golf.

Take up golf  (or any covid-compliant zero contact sport)

Golf is a great sport to do as a group during this period because it allows an ample amount of social distancing.

Other zero contact sports are also great options like cycling for example (you can start a cycling club)or better still, online exercise classes.

For the gym bunnies in the house, why not try an online exercise class together?

Pick a time during the day, pick an online class, and workout together with your gym buddies.


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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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