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By Damilola Faustino

Employees are the lifeblood of any business or organisation. So, it won’t be wrong to say that an organisation is as successful as its employees. Granted, you pay their salaries as at when due but it does not end there. There is more you can do to boost employee morale. Check out some creative ways to boost employee morale:

Take time to celebrate accomplishments

You should not focus only staff failure or mistakes. Make room to celebrate accomplishments and milestones.  So, taking time to reflect on achievements and actually reward outstanding staff helps employees appreciate how much they have contributed.

Go on an adventure

Doing company outings are not only an excellent way to increase the bond between your team but increase happiness overall. Whether it be a retreat, camping and hiking, taking the time to do something that’s a little adventurous or challenging is a superb opportunity to bring your employees together.

Offer time off for skill development

Offering employee time off for professional skill development is another way to boost employee morale. It is an opportunity for your team members to obtain qualifications your company would find useful later on. Alternately, you can encourage your staff to work on special projects in their free time to spark creativity and drive.

Say thank you

This is perhaps the easiest tip. Appreciation always increases morale Hence, do not hesitate to say it whenever an employee is outstanding.

Let them talk

Meet with people individually or in small groups to share all the problems and challenges they’re facing. This process is a major step in instantly recovering morale. The key here is to do it in small groups. In big groups, this effort may be futile.

Take one for the team

Figure out what the one biggest stress point is that your employees are facing, then take the problem on yourself. Take on the problem yourself and for your team and morale will go up.

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